SetInMotion Plugin API

The SetInMotion Plugin API is available as a NuGet package:

PM> Install-Package SetInMotionApi

Once you have added the SetInMotionApi NuGet package to your class library project, you can now implement any of the following components:

Making a Device Plugin

Implement the IDevice interface. See an example

Saving / Retrieving Settings For Your Device

Devices should never get or set settings outside of the provided SetInMotion API settings provider. The SetInMotion API settings provider keeps device configuration as part of the SetInMotion show, and devices should not persist any settings across shows.

To get and retrieve settings with your device class, implement the IDeviceWithSettings interface in addition to IDevice.

Making a Sequence Command

Implement the ISequenceCommand interface.

Testing and Deploying Your Plugin

We provide a convenient tool for packaging and deploying your SetInMotion plugin. See SetInMotion Developer Sandbox to get it.